Welcome friend, as I introduce you to one of my most trusted secret keeper, my accomplice and the one who knows my most innate dreams and desires, yet wouldn’t judge me. My realm away from reality. A place where I don’t have to pretend or hide anything. I can be both the king and the beggar at the same time.

As you go on, I promise to transcend you to a world unknown, a realm which you can never fathom and that heaven where I find my solace.

Is this the only way?


I took off my armor, held it in the air.
Amazing a feat, how well did I fare?
Rejoiced was I, relieved, to be honest.
For once did I prove that I deserved the best.

The armor was earthy brown in shade.
The week-long battle had accumulated a little fade.
But as I stared at it, face brimming with pride.
Some scars caught the eye, unable to hide.

It was my gift from my brother ever special.
Fortunate it was, it never sustained a speckle.
And here in my hands was my prized armor.
Cut and bruised, the red had marred the fur.

O me, O mighty, what bad hath I done?
To put my best gift ever under the sun
through a series of spears that missed by an inch.
To see it in that state, my heart did take a pinch.

The smile on my face began to flatten.
Here was the victorious who realized he was beaten.
Not by the troops or the soldiers on the field
But, to an unrelenting drive that just wouldn’t yield.

Adrenaline had become an addiction to me
So much so that, the scars I could never see.
They were short and long they numbered many.
I felt I would burn it, to let any memory free.

Is war the only option to determine the best?
Should the rule of the jungle only apply to the rest?
Does Darwin always have to be proven right?
And we create a world that never honors a fight?

Did our ancestors create the answers to our questions?
Or leave us with questions to ponder as per our notions?
Are these sacrosanct? Are these the only ways?
For a person to wade survival through life’s maze.

The answer:

Here’s the world, the oyster is yours.
If you feel the bruise, you will find their cures.
You have to question and you have to ponder.
And you may realize that you can never be the responder.

But, make sure you do for change comes from you.
Dare to ask questions, there will only be very few.
But make sure you take the first step to change.
The dynamics of an archaic and a bloody battle range.

Rewrite rules, break assumptions, explore and dig deep.
To unknown arenas leave thy mind free to creep.
When you find the answer, make sure you do spray.
If you didn’t find one, rest assured you’d have opened up a way.

Palace of cards


One summer night, a child not asleep
lost in his dreams and fantasies, deep.
Rolling on his bed, for his eyes wouldn’t shut.
Mischief made its prowl, deep in his gut.

Woke up in the midst of a shiny bright night.
Made sure his parents were nowhere in sight.
Reached up to a shelf, with a red box in it.
Picked it up and on the table did he sit.

Fifty two cards, stacked in order and neat.
He pulled it out as he thought of his impending feat.
Let’s build a castle, infallible and strong.
Like the one which I saw in Rapunzel’s song.

He picked up the cards and meticulously he aligned.
The mischief for him was no little grind.
The cards were adamant, little did he care.
To come close to him, neither would trouble dare.

The structure rose high, with every passing card.
Keeping it in place was now a little hard.
But he held on firm, for it was his dream castle.
After all for long did he fight and hustle.

The palace was ready, the king stood in pride.
He even dreamed of a princess by his side.
But, little did he know that there was a window open.
To interrupt the charm in his magnificent den

A gusty wind blew, right through the orifice.
To hold it still, the strength wouldn’t suffice.
The wind merciless, flew right through the castle,
And soon enough did fall, the poor child’s impervious hustle.

Sadly our dreams are no better than that castle.
We build them big, only to find them in a tussle.
Too much we want, so much under control.
But, fail to recognize how insignificant is our role.

Too much we bother, too much do we care.
We think hard that this is too much to bear.
Find strength from within, that childish ignorance.
You will look at the hit from a whole new lens.

Let’s go back to the kid, our mischievous little friend.
To know how his story did finally end.
He sifted through the cards and erected them again.
Because, sometimes the best, is a step ahead of pain.



What’s going around? Is it all an illusion?
Have I been thrown to a world of delusion?
All around seems unfamiliar and new.
Hazy and misty, a colourful hue.

Confused am I? Quest is still on.
Wild and free, a spirit. The days are long gone.
Pretentious or real? The person I am now.
Is it all just fake? If yes, then how?

A cocoon, once did blanket around me.
Protective and safe, the world was too hard to see.
Covered and too frail, a stumble should have sufficed
to knock out my tranquil so possessed and priced.

The noise around seems bearable to hold.
Naive, am I? Or have I grown that old?
The heaviness of prejudice replaced within
by a lightness of acceptance, feather akin.

Have I been holding myself back too long?
Was that the decision I felt always was wrong?
The answer yet unclear, the haze is still to recede.
This was the recipe, for long, I probably did need.

So strange does everything around seem.
I hope this ain’t another morning dream.
Hope is a good thing, once Andy had said.
So I might well break the prison, like once did Red.


A letter from the 50 year old me


Dear 25 year old, I know you feel out and down.
Evident from a distance is that lifeless frown.
But before you run errand I want you to lend me your ear.
I know this day is no longer any important in an year.

This year the quarter life crisis in your life shall start.
So haphazard will be the dots, paralyzed will be your heart.
Do nothing right away, sit down and take a breath deep.
The mess isn’t that bad, you will make sense out of the heap.

A lot that stumps now may make no sense soon.
A lot of spanks you recieve now will seem like a divine boon.
I won’t tell you what are those, for the game will loose its sheen.
After all what’s the thrill in life if there’s nothing to be keen.

The numbers that rip your sleep might sum up to nil.
Despite all that fuss your coffers might still fill.
You maynot be that ideal leader that your stories had let you dream.
In an exam, not so worthy, you may fall short of the cream.

Anguish shall you feel, pride shall be hurt, you might even despise thee.
For a while or so every morning in the bed, darkness shall you only see.
Freak not, you are still not hatched, there’s a lot more to go.
The seeds that you sow today shall sprout and far will it grow.

Patient be you with people around, some might be too much of a pain.
For some you might be just an instrument for them to realise their gain.
Bade them bye and wish them luck, for not everything’s fair and square.
Thank them for the lesson for next time around you wouldn’t be easy to snare.

Stop thinking too much, stop doubting yourself, you really aren’t that bad.
You’re far better than that innocent looking, eighth class going lad.
You don’t have to prove every dog you come across, that you’re too good to beat.
Avoid gossip, avoid too much show, just keep your little company neat.

Trust that the dots shall join together, I know it because I can see.
Just rid your own cynic, love thyself, set your own soul free.
For this marathon is long and it’s just the start, there’s a long way to go.
It’s not about who’s quick, the answer lies in who keeps till the end his tempo.